Temperature Blanket 2020 - Let's get started!

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Let's get going on this blanket then!

**Make your foundation chain using a size larger hook than you are going to use for the rest of the project**

This stops the 'tight first row' effect and makes the chain slightly easier to work back into. I used a 5mm hook. 

I started by crocheting a chain of 202. I want the width to be similar to a prevous blanket I made, that's why I chose this number. This chain length should ultimately give a nicely shaped blanket in relation to the length (366 rows!). 

Using the same colour (it still counts as Day 1) and using my 4mm hook, I skipped the first 2 stitches in the chain and double crocheted along the foundation chain in each stitch to the end (200 stitches). This is a fiddly row, be patient and stick with it. Be careful not to twist the chain as you go, keep it as flat as you can. 

A chain stitch is basically comprised of 3 strands of yarn. The front looks like a row of interlocking V shapes and each stitch has a bump or 'bar' at the back. When inserting your hook into the stitch, go in between the V and under the bar so that 2 of the strands are above your hook. This gives a lovely neat finish although it is more fiddly to do. I have done a really quick video to illustrate this for you:

I do say needle at one point in the video - I meant hook! #longday  

Change colours as appropriate for your chosen colour palette at the end of the row. I fasten off the colour I was using and simply attach a new colour using a slipknot into the last stitch on the row.

Repeat for each row **chain 2, dc in each stitch till end of row** . 

That's it - pattern set!

Good luck and let me know how you get on. 

Lots of love,



Top Tips

Weave ends in as you go or crochet over them as you work your next row. This will save you the soul destroying job of weaving in over 700 yarn ends all in one go!

Place a stitch marker at the end of every 7 rows/days. This will help if you miss a few days or weeks. You won't have to count all the rows to see where you left off, each stitch marker will represent a week on your blanket - much easier. Obviously a pen and paper or notepad on your phone would do the same job but who doesn't love a funky stitch marker?