Shawl Making Part 1

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Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last blog, we are so busy here at Tilly Towers planning, choosing and hosting! 

We are off to a very special friend's wedding next week and as usual I still have no plans on what to wear.The most gorgeous dresses always seem to be sleeveless - my arms and I stopped being friends many years ago - what do i do? Cardigan? Shrug? Add sleeves? Then i had an idea while I was chatting to one of our fab tutors - I'll crochet a shawl to wear! I plan to romantically drape it around me in a film starry sort of way, thereby distracting totally from the shapeless limbs underneath. Do you think it'll work?? 

So I am going to blog about my shawl making journey, hopefully to show you just how fast and easy it is to crochet something beautiful. It'll have to be fast as we leave for the wedding in 9 days and my mum arrives from Ireland in 5 days so home will be even busier than usual. Oh and we have GCSE results in the mix too. Well, I've always said I work best under pressure...........

Watch this space for pattern details and updates over the next few days, wish me luck!